Excursion Valley of Ach, Blaubeuren

The Famous Town of Blaubeuren

Full-day Excursion to Blaubeuren

07:30 Departure from Gilching, Addult Education Centre (vhs), parking area
10:30 Arrival at the cave Hohler Fels; Guided visit (Mr. Blumtritt [German], Dr. Rappenglück [English]); Advance information Hohler Fels.
11:30 Travel to the town of Blaubeuren; We will have a quick side trip either to the cave ruin of the Geissenklösterle or to the St.-Afra-Kapelle in Schelklingen, which has some beautiful frescos, dating from the 14th century.
12:30 We will have lunch at the restaurant Adler, Blaubeuren.
14:00 Guided visits of the small but famous museum of prehistory, the big karstic spring Blautopf, the cloister with Gothic high altar and some astronomical elements, the public bath of the monks, used in the Middle Ages; Free time for walking through the town of Blaubeuren, with its old half-timbered houses. The Museum of Earlier Prehistory presents some of the hitherto oldest mobile art, incuding a flute and the early example of a representation of a time-reckoning sequence together with an asterism, both dating from Aurignacian epoch (40.000/37.000-28.000 BP).
18:00 Dinner at the Cafe Kulisse.
20:00 Return to Gilching; Arrival about 22:30.

Price, Registration, Deadline

The charge for the fullday excursion is 70,- €.

The price includes the travel by bus, all visits and ingresses, the lunch and the dinner.

We were able to extend deadline for registration and payment to July 15th.

To avoid additionl charges we recommend that you make your payment together with your transaction of the conference fees.

Please use the
banking information on this website and simply add "plus excursion" to the code for SEAC participation.

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